Purposeful Life Coaching

Helping you explore and focus on your life purpose

What you need to discover your life purpose is already within you. You are more than likely already living your purpose without even realizing it. Knowing your purpose doesn't mean you will see a bright light flashing from above or hear a loud audible voice from God. You know your purpose when you are doing something that gives you a deep sense of confirmation or validation that what you are doing at that very moment is what you were born to do.

Once you recognize your purpose and start intentionally living it, you will gain peace and fulfillment, regardless of what goes on in your life. True fulfillment comes from being able to use the gifts that God has given you.

I am a Certified Life Coach and Certified Career Coach who can provide you with tools and strategies you need to explore and identify your gifts and talents, and pursue goals that match your personal definition of success.

If you want to discover the 'true you' and clarify your life purpose, I would love to work with you on your journey to discovering your God-given gifts and talents.

April Crimbley
Author, Life Coach, Career Coach

Do You Need a Life Coach?

Life coaching is a life changing partnership that helps people reach their potential. It is not counseling. Counseling helps you deal with major life problems, such as depression, divorce, and death of a loved one. Whereas, life coaching helps you realize your goals and dreams, such as building self-confidence, pursuing a successful career, or writing a book.

Here are some reasons you might need a Life Coach.

  • Identify your life purpose

  • Gain a better understanding of yourself

  • Unlock your hidden confidence

  • Create true happiness from within

  • Set goals to accomplish your dreams

  • Work with someone to hold you accountable

  • Have a personal motivator

Every Life Coaching practice is different and has a unique area of expertise based on the Life Coach's own experiences. My expertise is in helping women start a new life after divorce or other misfortunes in life.

Are you ready to commit and change your life?

Why Coaching?

Coaching is about creating intentional change in your life. It is when you and I work together to cultivate self-confidence, create goals, and take action to turn your vision into a reality.

Choose any of the following coaching programs or individual sessions to fit your need:

  • Purposeful Life Journey

  • Create Happiness from Within

  • Career Coaching

Our Purposeful Life Journey program can help you in your pursuit of a more fulfilling and purposeful life. The Purposeful Life Journey program includes eight or more sessions as needed.

Our Create Happiness from Within program includes eight or more sessions designed to help you identify and apply actions in your life that create happiness for you.

Our Career Coaching program is designed to help you in your pursuit of the rewarding and fulfilling career you deserve. The Career Coaching program includes four or more sessions as needed.

Our coaching sessions will equip you with all the tools and strategies you need to take steps toward a more purposeful life, whether that means identifying your true talents and skills, creating happiness from within, writing a book, building a resume to find your dream job, or pursuing other goals that bring purpose to your life.